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We are a Moroccan association/organisation dedicated to the breeders and development of the Straight Egyptian Arabian horse. We believe that working together as a team will help each breeder individually achieve more knowledge and understanding of the long and difficult path of genetic improvement.

Our offices are located very close to the city El Jadida and our action extends all over Morocco.

We are deeply inspired by the work of Pyramid Society America and our actions are in line with its principals and values.

Lise & Youcef Laghzal 

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Shahada Stud

Sidi Smaïl. ElJadida Morocco

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Mahammed Oumlaz

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Elaaz Arabians Stud 

Oulad Rahmoun Azemmour Morocco



Youssef Manaf


Al Fawaress Arabian

Al Fawaress Arabian

Sidi El Aidi Settat Morocco

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Nawfal Cherqui


Al Cherqui Arabians

Casablanca Morocco



Jihad & Adham Chakhachiro

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El Jadida Morocco



Amine Ben Taher


Al raqeem 

Marrakech Morocco


Anas Ettabaa


Almokhtar Stud
Marrakech Morocco




The ASIL ARABIAN is a horse whose pedigree is exclusively based on Bedouin breeding of the Arabian peninsula, without any crossbreeding with non-Arabian horses at any time. The word “asil” (Arabic, pronounced: asseel) means pure, true, noble and genuine.

The ASIL ARABIAN horse should have the riding qualities and the characteristics of type which distinguish the desert Arabian.

1. Their parents must be registered in the stock list of the Asil Club.

2. All other horses must
be registered in a stud book recognized by the World Arabian Horse Organisation (WAHO) or be worthy of such registration,
trace back directly to the Arabia Deserta or correspond in every line of their pedigrees with the breeding program of the EA0 or of private studs controlled by this organization (With the exception of the descendants of the horses Registan (Skowronek/Riz), Sharkasi and Ibn Galabawi.),
display the distinct type of conformation and the riding qualities of the desertbred Arabian.



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The Pyramid Society's definition of a "straight" Egyptian Arabian horse is a horse which:
is registered or is eligible by pedigree for registration by the WAHO; and
traces in every line of its pedigree to horses born in Arabia Deserta; and
traces in every line of its pedigree to a horse which falls within the following category of horses:
a) a horse owned or bred by Abbas Pasha I or Ali Pasha Sherif;
b) a horse which has used to create and maintain the RAS / EAO breeding programs and which is a numbered horse found in the RAS / EAO stud books beginning on page 45 of Volume I, with the exclusion of the horses Registan and Sharkasi, it being felt that Registan's pedigree and Sharkasi's pedigree contain elements that are not consistent with the kind of blood which the Pyramid Society is attempting to perpetuate;
c) a horse which was a lineal ancestor of a horse described in (a) or (b) above; and
d) a horse, other than a horse having Registan or Sharkasi as a lineal ancestor, which was conceived and born in a private stud program in Egypt and which was imported directly from Egypt and registered prior to the extension of the EAO's supervision to private Egyptian stud programs as reflected in Volume 4 of the EAO- stud book.
EgyptianEvent    asilclubIt should be noted that among the "root stallions" and "root mares" listed in Volume I of the RAS Stud Book some of the horses imported to Egypt were not used to create and maintain the RAS / EAO breeding programs for they have no recorded descendants in the RAS / EAO Stud Books.
With reference to the exclusion of the horse Registan, it should be noted that he carries in line to the Polish-bred Skowronek. The contribution which Skowronek made to the Arabian horses is legendary. However, it is felt his pedigree contains elements that are not consistent with the kind of horses which the Pyramid Society Europe e.V. is attempting to perpetuate.
Although the stallion Sharkasi appears in the EAO Stud Book through his descendants, the matter of his parentage has not been established to every one's satisfaction; therefore he is not acknowledged as "Straight Egyptian" by the Pyramid Society Europe e.V

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